Drive Safe ~ The Kids Learn From You

Drive Safe ~ The Kids Learn From You

Teen drivers learn from parents

Now, I know I’m not the only one who made a conscious effort to be a better person when the kids were little. You know, keeping my language in check (believe me, that was effin hard!), saying please and thank you, controlling my temper… You get it. Kids are always watching and they are definitely learning from you.

As they get older, you relax little. They’ve learned their manners. You no longer have to worry about them copying everything you say. Or telling complete strangers about something you did wrong. (Yes, that has happened!)

But you know what you do have to worry about? Your kids copying your driving habits. Before they get their driver’s permit, before they are teen drivers, they are trying hard to figure out the rules of the road. And more than ever, they are learning from you.

I know we all get comfortable behind the wheel. And maybe we break a few rules here and there. Maybe. But when I see these things happening on a daily basis, right in front of the high school, by parents… It explains where teen drivers learn their bad driving habits.

So PLEASE, for my kids’ safety and yours, drive safe!

Don’t text while driving. Or check your emails. Keep your phone out of sight. Kids learn the dangers and consequences of this during driver’s education. But when they see you doing it and getting away with it, they think they will too. Unfortunately… We all know shit happens.

Stop behind the lines. Outside of the crosswalk. And actually come to a complete stop. Kids are most likely going to be driving near schools so this is super important. And wait until the kids have crossed before you turn right.

Trying to pass everyone, or tailgating, or excessive lane changes… I know we are sometimes in a hurry. But try to have some patience. Especially when driving with your kids.

Oh, and use your turn signals! They are there for a reason.

The list could go on and on, but you get the point. Just remember, the kids are watching and learning from you. Be a good example!

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