Book Review ~ Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle

Book Review ~ Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle

Book Review ~ Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle

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When I was asked to review the book Ending The Parent – Teen Control Battle by Neil D. Brown LCSW, my honest thoughts were: Awesome, I love reviews. And it’s age appropriate vs the toddler books I’m usually asked to review. But I really don’t have a control battle with my boys. I know some of my friends and readers do. So… reading it may be useful when I see someone else struggling.

Then the book arrived. I glanced at it. The same thoughts went through my head. I started reading the forward, and I set it down. I told myself I’d get back to it later. The book sat on my desk for a few days. Eventually, I picked it back up knowing I had an obligation to read and review it. I skipped the forward and introduction and went straight to the first chapter.

And you know what? As I started reading, I realized the control battle is normal. It happens. Even to an awesome family like mine! 😉 It’s not just a bad kid / bad parent thing. I may feel crazy half of the time, but I do my best and I think it’s working out pretty good. My kids are overall good kids; honest and polite. But this control thing is definitely an issue in our home and I didn’t even realize my behavior was making it worse.

It’s normal. It will happen. I mean, how else would kids become unique, independent adults? But it doesn’t have to cause problems. And that is what this book teaches you. With everyday situations as examples, and the positive ways to handle them, Ending the Parent -Teen Control Battle is a great read for all parents of tweens and teens.

“Parents don’t actually control their teens; parents can only control their own parenting.” – Neil D. Brown, LCSW

Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle is written in a positive, reassuring way. The author understands that every family and parenting style is different and that doesn’t make one wrong or right. What I love the most, is the author’s understanding of teens. It is stated throughout the book that your teen is a great kid. I think that’s something we as parents always need to remember. And believe me, I know that can be hard sometimes!

“Remember, inside your teen is a great kid. Let’s assume that your teen is simply caught up in the control battle, and otherwise is a terrific young person who needs your support, guidance, and mentoring.” – Neil D. Brown, LCSW

Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle covers everything from the homework and chore battle, privileges, self-esteem, happiness, learning disabilities, ADHD and depression, to drug use and the seriously out of control. Basically, it covers everything. And the author does so in a way that never makes you feel like you are doing anything wrong, but instead shows you a more positive way to handle the situation.

The book will be out in October and I highly recommend it. Even for those who don’t think they have a control battle going on. You may be surprised!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle. All opinions are 100% my own.


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