About Me…

I’m Liss, writer and content creator for Chaos and Cheer. I’m also a mom to two teenage boys. A wife (been together over 20 years!) to thee most amazing man ever. And I take care of a couple of dogs, fish, and geckos. I somehow developed multiple food allergies a few years ago and because of that I now consider myself an amateur chef. I’ve always loved to cook, but now I HAVE to! I’m pretty laid back as far as parenting and life go; just taking it day by day. I mean, really… I can only handle so much at a time!  I love sweets, champagne (a little too much!), reading, binge watching tv shows, and purple flowers.

About the Blog…

Chaos and Cheer is a blog about all things family. You’ll find my random thoughts, parenting stories, family recipes, and product reviews. Everything I post is 100% my honest opinion. Sometimes I’ll ask for help, because I need it! And sometimes I hope I can help you. But mostly I hope you’ll be able to relate to what I write… or at least find it entertaining!


About the Family…

Husband is a hard working, easy going guy. We all love him! He treats me like a queen and that is teaching our boys respect.

Oldest, 17, is a senior in high school and is obsessed with cars and driving. He hates casseroles and rice but loves fruit snacks. He’s adventurous and doesn’t like being bored.

Youngest, 15, is a sophomore in high school with his driver’s permit. He’s hyper, has a hard time sleeping, and is amazing with a yo-yo. He’s pretty good on the trampoline too. And on a skateboard. Oh, and he’s funny as heck!

Both kids are honest, loyal, and the kind of kids other kids look up to. They struggle in school, but are so smart. We have a very good relationship and can talk about anything. Seriously… I mean ANYTHING! And that should make this blog interesting.