About Me…

I’m Liss, writer and content creator for Chaos and Cheer. I’m also a mom to two teenage boys. A wife (been together over 20 years!) to thee most amazing man ever. And I take care of a couple of dogs, fish, and geckos. I was a stay at home mom for years (and I love/hated it!) but am now a Mobile Notary Public and Certified Loan Signing Agent. I love it because I can still work from my home office… But I get to leave for appointments! 😉  I somehow developed multiple food allergies a few years ago and because of that I now consider myself an amateur chef. I’ve always loved to cook, but now I HAVE to! I’m pretty laid back as far as parenting and life go; just taking it day by day. I mean, really… I can only handle so much at a time! 


About the Blog…

Chaos and Cheer is a blog about all things family. You’ll find my random thoughts, parenting stories, family recipes, and product reviews. Everything I post is 100% my honest opinion. Sometimes I’ll ask for help, because I need it! And sometimes I hope I can help you. But mostly I hope you’ll be able to relate to what I write… or at least find it entertaining!


About the Family…

Husband is a hard working, easy going guy. We all love him! He treats me like a queen and that is teaching our boys respect.

Oldest, 18, just graduated high school… and wants NOTHING to do with college! He is currently working full time in a warehouse while he figures life out. This warehouse job, it starts at 3am. He’s had a steady girlfriend for about a year now, is obsessed with cars, hates casseroles and rice but loves fruit snacks! He’s adventurous and doesn’t like being bored.

Youngest, 16, is a junior in high school. Like big bro, he got his driver’s license ON his 16th birthday and shares the same obsession for cars. (Please help me!) He’s the only one in the family who takes good care of their body (I know… I know…) by eating right and going to the gym daily. He’s a multi talented kid, is amazing with a yo-yo, great on the trampoline, and can now back-flip on flat ground. Oh, and he’s funny as heck!

Both kids are honest, loyal, and the kind of kids other kids look up to. They struggle in school, but are so smart. We have a very good relationship and can talk about anything. Seriously… I mean ANYTHING! And that should make this blog interesting.

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